University content

Many universities already provide free content, although very few go beyond this to provide free tutorial and seminar support, or the free marking of assignments.  Much free university content is actually of rather poor quality, and of little value unless integrated into an overall programme of learning.

However, the following universities are renowned for some of the content that they make freely available.  None have given permission or paid to have their sites linked here, but they are simply listed to enable learners to have quick access to freely available university content:


  • Universitysurf.netest un portail e-learning pluridisciplinaire en accès libre offrant une sélection de 1500 cours en ligne en langue française, et donnant accès à des milliers d’autres par le biais de liens. Les cours ou ressources pédagogiques proviennent de l’ensemble des 90 Universités françaises, Grandes Ecoles, Universités étrangères francophones, ou encore des nombreux sites personnels d’enseignants.



United Nations


For those who would like to see their institutional content listed here please contact Tim Unwin (

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